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Corporate Trainings

HTML-5 based Web Application Development

This HTML5 course teaches you how to code application logic in web applications using JavaScript and how to create HTML5 pages to parse and send data using HTML5 forms. Create and modify the Document Object Model (DOM), create responsive layouts with CSS3, store local data with JSON, and draw on HTML5 canvas. Students will add interactive behaviors to web pages creating better user experiences and add dynamic data using AJAX, REST and Web Socket with JavaScript.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development Training is a crash course boot camp style and provides an opportunity to learn various mobile application development frameworks that run on the mobile platforms and the Internet. Learn relevant skills and develop an understanding of the issues surrounding the Mobile Platforms and SDKs including: iOS, Android, HTML5 Mobile Web, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, and Windows Mobile.

The course covers every facet of mobile app development, including project management, requirements, architectural design, GUI and layout, data management, integration with existing web and legacy applications, web services, security, porting, and the management of mobile application development projects.

ASP.NET Advance Development Technique

This course provides experienced ASP.NET Web Form developers with the knowledge required to effectively architect complex web-enabled applications. In this course you will learn how to managing the appearance of a site using CSS, themes and skins, including how to use the Profile to personalize a web site. Students also learn how to build custom controls, as well as build dashboard applications using ASP.NET Web Parts.

MS-SQL Server Database Developer

This SQL Server training is designed to train IT professionals and developers how to implement and manage their database solutions. Specifically, our SQL courses focus on how to migrate to the cloud with the ability to scale on demand and how to implement the powerful reporting features in SQL server. These SQL classes also teach the capabilities of SQL Server that pertain to creating reliable, secure, and robust mission-critical applications.

MS-SQL Server Database Administrator

SQL Server offers a sophisticated platform for enterprise data management. Organizations rely on database administrators who know how to manage their mission-critical databases correctly. This course targets those who are new to database administration and offers the essential skills you need to administer SQL Server.

Graphics Designing

Graphic Design training will allows you to develop your portfolio and master the fundamentals of the Adobe Creative Suite. Following software's will be cover in this course.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe InDesign
  4. Corel Draw

Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data

Hadoop is a powerful open-source platform for managing massive data sets at scale and has become an in-demand technical skill. Big Data and Hadoop training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop Developer. In-depth knowledge of core concepts will be covered in the course along with implementation on varied industry use-cases.

Oracle Database Developer

We offers a complete, integrated set of application development tools that support any development approach, technology platform, or operating system under Oracle database developer training.

We providing the learning paths for an effective curriculum plan for those who are new to or have prior experience using SQL. You learn the essential SQL statements that are used majority of the time. You also gain advanced knowledge to tune SQL statements for optimal performance and use analytic SQL statements for data warehousing. To lower IT costs and consolidate onto database clouds, Oracle Database is a fast, reliable and secure option. To maximize your knowledge of these solutions, explore Oracle Database Training to deepen your understanding of how to use these products to support your business.

Becoming an Oracle developer, a common application is written in standard programming languages such as C, C++, Cobol or Java, and the calls to the Oracle database (SQL statements) are embedded within the procedural language code.

Oracle Database Administrator

By doing Oracle Database Administrator course, you will gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another Will also learn how to create an operational database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques.

In other side this course teaches you how to configure an Oracle database for multilingual applications. Students will practice various methods of recovering the database, using RMAN, SQL, and Flashback technology. Tools to monitor database performance and what steps to take to improve database performance are also covered in this course. Moreover you will learn how to use various database technologies, such as Resource Manager, the Scheduler, and Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

We train you in the skills necessary to administer database and database servers and the lesson topics are reinforced with structured hands-on practices and a workshop.

A/V Editing and Motion Graphics

Everybody wants an animated logo these days. In this course, a few different ways to get and prep logos those are the right format and resolution, and use Photoshop or Illustrator to convert the files into layered images that are ready to animate. The real work then takes place in After Effects, where Rich shows how to animate the logo and add reflections, cast shadows, patterns, texture, and glows that will impress your future clients.Web Wide Media training covers following areas:

  1. Adobe Audition
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Adobe After Effects
  4. Cinema 4D

Web Design & Development

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. We offer following trainings.

  1. Dreamviewer
  2. HTML and HTML5
  3. CSS
  4. JQuery
  5. JavaScript
  6. Word press
  7. PHP

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for Microsoft Windows. The software suite includes the following areas in training

  1. Word 2013
  2. Excel 2013
  3. PowerPoint 2013
  4. Outlook 2013
  5. OneNote 2013
  6. Access 2013
  7. Project 2013
  8. Publisher 2013
  9. Visio 2013

Personal Development Trainings

Web Wide Media provide following training for the better growth and development of employees ; both personal and professional.

1- Strategic Time Management

Just like money, time is valuable and limited: it must be protected, used wisely, and budgeted. People who practice good time management techniques often find that they are more productive, have more energy for things they need to accomplish. This training will delivers ground breaking-concepts and ideas that will help to manage the time and work life.

2- Effective Leadership through Character

We are able to build strong teams within organization. Due to this training we provided a great way for employees to advance to management positions and break out of entry level roles in a company. We gave seminars and training courses to employees and offer more computer and technical training.

3- Stress Management

We are able to build strong teams within organization. Due to this training we provided a great way for employees to advance to management positions and break out of entry level roles in a company. We gave seminars and training courses to employees and offer more computer and technical training.

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Online Trainings

Photoshop Classes

Participate in any of these regularly scheduled Photoshop classes online, led by a live instructor. Learn from the authors of the books Adobe Photoshop Digital Classroom and Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies. These live classes are small-group, and include hands-on exercieses and projects.

InDesign Classes

Our InDesign courses online are led by a live instructor and help you quickly gain skills necessary for creating print and digital documents. Learn InDesign from authors that have written more than 10 InDesign books and are exceptional at teaching. Learn from the same team of instructors Adobe selected to introduce InDesign to their clients around the world.

Illustrator Classes

Our live online Illustrator courses are for all types of designers. Discover how to use Illustrator for creating products, packaging, models, branding, advertising and marketing artwork. Our instructors have written seven best-selling books covering Illustrator, including official books for Adobe Systems. These courses provide you with exercises, projects, and an expert instructor in a small-group online Illustrator course.

Premiere Pro Classes

scover how to efficiently use the widely-used digital video editing app included with the Creative Cloud. Our live online Premiere Pro courses teach you skills for importing, editing, and creating complete projects. Our classes are led by the authors of the Adobe Premiere Pro Digital Classroom book.

After Effects Classes

Learn After Effects from experts in special effects and animation. Our team wrote the After Effects Digital Classroom book. You'll learn to create complex motion graphics and effects quickly with live online After Effects training led by expert instructors in small-group sessions.

Creative Cloud Courses

Our Adobe Creative Cloud courses and Creative Suite classes help you master these design, interactive, and publishing applications.

HTML Classes

Learn HTML online and gain skills that are essential for modern design and development. These online HTML courses provide the foundation you need if you plan to create websites, marketing emails, or work with a design tool such as Dreamweaver, or a CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress.

CSS Training Classes

Learn CSS for styling and formatting text and layouts. These online CSS courses include introductory through advanced CSS training to help you build your web design and development skills.

Web Design Courses

Learn to create web designs that work well across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices in these live online courses. Our web design workshops teach skills needed for designing and building better websites.

WordPress Courses

Our live online WordPress classes teach you to create and manage sites using this popular content management system. Our introductory WordPress courses provide a fast and easy way to learn hands-on, and advanced training is available for site administrators.

What you need for online training

The requirements for online training are relatively simple. If you are online viewing this page, you likely have everything you need to participate in an online training session.

Computer: A Mac OS or Windows PC with a high-speed Internet connection.

Applications: We recommend you install the relevant course applications prior to receiving training. For example, if you are taking a class on Photoshop, we recommend having Photoshop installed before the start of the training session.

Speakers and Microphone: If your computer includes a speaker and microphone, you may use these to communicate with the instructor, or request a headset be included with your curriculum. We also provide a dial-in number if you prefer to use your phone.